The Intersection between Homicide, Terrorism and Violent Extremism
(February 2018 issue)
Special Issue Editors:  Gary LaFree and Jeffrey Gruenewald

Homicide Studies is currently soliciting manuscripts for a special issue on homicide, terrorism and violent extremism. Primary consideration will be given to submissions that feature original, innovative, and empirical work. We are looking for manuscripts that compare terrorist violence and homicide to non-politicized cases of violence and homicide.  Comparisons can also be drawn between terrorist homicide and non-fatal or non-violent terrorist attacks, terrorist homicides with non-ideological mass shootings and suicide terrorist homicides with non-suicide terrorist homicides.  

Manuscripts considered for this special issue may focus on a variety of topics, including (but not limited to): (a) the etiology of ideologically-motivated and non-ideologically motivated forms of homicide, (b) definitional issues in constructing terrorism, hate crime, and traditional forms of fatal violence, (c) theoretical issues in explaining traditional and non-traditional forms of homicide, (d) methodological issues in studying ideologically motivated and non-ideologically motivated homicide, (e) preventing ideologically and non-ideologically motivated homicide, and (f) similarities and differences in how the legal system responds to terrorist homicide and non-ideological homicide.  We welcome interdisciplinary perspectives on these topics, and all types of methods and theoretical orientations are encouraged for the special issue. However, all submitted manuscripts should seek to advance theory and feature key implications for crime policy and practice.  Manuscripts need to include homicide as one of the forms of violence considered.

Deadline for submissions is March 1, 2017.

Manuscripts need to follow the author instructions and editorial submission guidelines for Homicide Studies.  All manuscripts will be submitted through ScholarOne, which can be accessed at: http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/hs. Select Special Issue Manuscript for the manuscript type.

All papers will undergo peer reviewed.  If you are unsure whether your topic or research is suitable, contact the Special Issues Editors via e-mail (Gary LaFree glafree@umd.edu or Jeff Gruenewald jgruenew@iupui.edu). Please include "Special Issue of Homicide Studies-Terrorism" in the subject line.

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